Research into the health benefits of being in nature by Professor Frances E.Kuo from the University of Illinois, shows that spending time in nature has health boosting effects including better mood, improved ability of handling complex social situations, decreased heart rate and even increasing baseline natural killer cells by 50 %. For most of us enjoying those benefits is as simple as putting on our shoes and heading out to the park, the beach or the nearest trail. For others with mobility disabilities,through no fault of their own, nature can be out of reach. As 1 in 7 adults in the U.S. suffers with a mobility disability, the need to provide accessible beaches, trails and parks has never been greater. We at Sand Rider set out to design a product that provides access to nature without the cost of expensive infrastructure.

Sand Riders are designed to be:

1.Maintenance free

  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • Waterproof, UV stable fabric
  • Fresh-water rinse only
  • #316 grade stainless hardware

2. Easy to use and operate

  • One size fits all adjustability
  • Ergonomic handle, easiest to push
  • Exceptional stability and safety
  • Ideal seat height-wheelchair users
  • Easy seat height for older people
  • Swing-away and removable armrests

3. Easy to store/transport

  • 60 second disassembly
  • No tools required
  • Fits in compact cars
  • Optional roller-duffle bag

We sold our products to state and local governments from coast to coast and across the border.

Examples include, California Beaches and Harbors, City of Virginia Beach, City of Ottawa, Government of Saskatchewan and most recently the Town of Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina.

Kill Devil Hills is a notable example as it’s a small beach community that invested over $60,000 in providing beach accessibility ranging from improving ramps, to beach mats to deploying 5 Sand Riders for beach use. This is a first in the Outer Banks and is hoped to be a trend that will be adopted by other localities up and down the Coast.

Join Kill Devil Hills and Sand Rider in providing the gift of accessibility to those who need it. Invest your tax dollars in a product that’s proven to be durable, easy to use and cost effective solution to providing access to beaches and parks.

Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair in Canada

Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Expand Beach Wheelchair Program

“I am proud to announce that we have added five chairs to the beach wheelchair program in our parks, doubling the total number of chairs available,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said.  “Everyone deserves to have access to our beautiful beaches and lakes.  Our visitors have a diverse range of needs and the addition of these beach wheelchairs mean that more people can enjoy exactly what makes our parks so special.”

The beach wheelchairs are made from a lightweight aluminum frame and have three buoyant tires.  They navigate over sand with relative ease, can be taken into one foot of water and can be used by both children and adults.  The beach wheelchairs are free for park visitors, and can be made available in any Saskatchewan provincial park.